Latest News

- Revised Motor & Travel Rates and Subsistence Allowances From 1 April 2017
18 May, 2017
From April 2017 a number of changes were made to the Civil Service " Subsistence Rates (Domestic & Foreign)" and the "Motor Travel Rates"

- NKC & Accounting for Growth
21 Mar, 2017
NKC & Accounting for Growth join forces to offer enhanced range of services.

- Integra International
03 Feb, 2017
NKC a member of Integra International


OutsourcingRelevant current financial information is essential in every business. We realise that you may not have the time or resources to employ full time accounts professionals in your business.
NKC off-site accounting is geared towards providing clients with a full outsourcing service. Our mission is to allow the owner manager get on with running their business and allow NKC to provide the monthly financial accounts and financial information to do this.

We realise the value of current financial information for decision-making purposes and we endeavour to provide owner managers with the most up to date and relevant financial information in the shortest possible time frame.

It is our pro active and personal approach that clients have found to be the critical success factor in the delivery of this service. In particular we provide an objective voice and a sounding board for owner managers who need more regular support to help them develop their business to its full potential.

NKC Business & Taxation Consultants Limited is registered to carry on audit work in Ireland and the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at for Ireland and for the UK under reference number AI3013160. NKC Business & Taxation Consultants  is also authorised to carry on investment business by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.